We take care of your nails

Who We Are

The birth of I’ZEMI came about 2015 when our parent company Aizumi discovered they could use the raw materias that they were selling to create an advanced UV gel. Aizumi had a strong chemical manufacturing background & synthesizes the resin for the whole industry such as mobile phones. I’ZEMI was created with the vision to change the paradigm of manicure industry by developing advanced UV gel that is good quality & health-oriented. At I’ZEMI we believe that we do not need to compensate health for beauty. We have progressed well to have a strong competitive advantage compared to other UV gel brands & enjoyed vast success in Korea within a short span of time. I’ZEMI has now ventured into the South-East Asia market, adapting our products to suit different markets. I’ZEMI Singapore is dedicated to support & educate our users in this region.

How We Work

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ~ Winston Churchill”

After doing extensive market research within the industry, it was discovered that UV gel has its most common problems such as odour & skin irritation. Some manicurists encountered skin irritation just by handling customers’ gel nails daily. The health of the nail technician was also compromised, with possibility of respiratory issues due to being long term exposed to many gel polish products. Poorer quality gel products worsen this breathing problem & in some cases caused nails to loosen.

I’ZEMI products are proudly made in Korea & sourcing good quality raw ingredients from United States & Germany. Our products are properly certified, & we imposed on strict manufacturing methods to ensure we deliver the highest quality of nail products to our customers. In the case of UV nail gel, the manufacturer and the seller usually work on separate ways and often sold to customers through distributors. I’ZEMI breaks this mould, by integrating a one-stop process from Research & Development to Production and then to Sales rather than being just a manufacturing factory. The vision is to shorten the distance between the consumer & the company, to build a mutual organic relationship right from where it begins.

What We Do


Imagine painting a rose petal with instant beautiful tonality, just by adding a touch of our fondant to the red gel polish? Sounds amazing? Yes, you can, with I’ZEMI’s fondant which creates watercolour effect when added to any of our gel polish. Furthermore, engage our premium Belvia UV gel, it’s thick in viscosity allowing just a single coat to give the brilliant white base for your art use. Using our Belvia Loveline, you can bring your painting to life by drawing well-defined lines with ease.

With our readily available factory facilities, we have a strong focus on R & D to challenge ourselves to produce a chain of hand care cosmetics to complement our advanced UV gel. Our I-Relief & I-Recovery range boost of excellent nail strengthener & serum, anti-winkle hand treatment cream, fungal treatment via foot spray or drop, Vanish. We also have a unique sachet pack for hand scrub & mask, that doesn’t require use of water. We believe quality UV gel coupled with good hand care products, will allow the user to achieve healthy nails while enjoying the nail art on regular basis.



I’ZEMI places great emphasis on educating our users, providing knowledge on fundamentals of cosmetology science, the nature of materials, chemicals used and its impact on human body. I’ZEMI lives strictly by these values: health, hygiene & trust which are also the greatest gift we could ever offer to anyone using I’ZEMI’s products. I’ZEMI strives to provide human-oriented products, reducing harmful effects to the minimal even if it is just a percent. We take good care of all our customers by keeping our promise to deliver only the best to the end users.